COVID-19 Child Protection Response

Shelter in place is critical to flatten the curve and keep our community safe from coronavirus. Unfortunately, it can also put vulnerable children and adults at risk of abuse and maltreatment. And with at least 20% of abuse reports not occurring because kids aren’t in school, we need to be extra vigilant to protect our loved ones.

CLICK HERE to access our growing library of COVID-19 resources for families, communities, and professionals, including our guide to Tele-Forensic Interviewing.


Report suspected child sexual abuse in Baltimore by dialing 911 for Baltimore City Police or 410-361-2235 for Baltimore City Child Protective Services.
If you or someone you know has been abused, please do not hesitate to call. Learn more.

How To Report

Butterfly Anyone who suspects abuse can and should report it. BCAC provides resources on how to report abuse and the duties of mandated reporters.

The BCAC Process

BCAC provides a collaborative approach to help children through the investigative process and ensures that families receive proper support in coping with trauma after child sexual abuse.

Prevention Tips

BCAC serves as a trusted resource for the Baltimore community and beyond. Learn the facts about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

Get Trained

BCAC hosts educational presentations and workshops to better inform professionals, youth-serving organizations, and community groups working with children.

  • Melinda, Caregiver

    provides forensic interviews and
    medical evaluations to children in need.

    "This makes what we are going through so much easier. Very non-invasive, and I am learning how to cope better."
  • Aaron Selkow, Camp Harlam

    BCAC trains summer camp employees how to keep kids safe.

    "Working with exceptional professionals such as Adam Rosenberg and his team at BCAC is a way for us to supplement and elevate the educational experience for our staff members."
  • Julie, Caregiver

    works each and every day to care
    for children and families in crisis.

    "The waiting room is very nice; lots of great toys to entertain. I loved the questions Crimson asked about my child’s interests and recent special events. This was a really hard day for us. We appreciate your efforts in making all this a bit easier. "