Baltimore Child Abuse Center strongly condemns today’s statement by Mr. Trump

In response to:

Mr. Trump’s assertion that victims of sex crimes all immediately report serious offenses grossly distorts what, by now, should be completely obvious.

Sex crimes victims— especially young ones— rarely come forward. They do not tell their parents. They do not tell trusted adults. Instead, they go dark and silent, holding on to the fear and shame alone. Sex offenses, especially involving young people, are almost always committed by someone known to the victim. This is not news. This is not a new fact. Anyone in a leadership position should know that.

Sex crimes damage relationships. A victim must speak up against a classmate, her school, her social identity. Very few adults can withstand the brutal ostracization and attacks that follow a victim’s revelations. Why else would the crimes by faith-based institutions and sports associations like US Gymnastics take years to come out? Because victims must be emotionally, financially and socially ready to come forward.

Mr. Trump’s tweet shows exactly why people choose silence instead. Tweets and responses like what we’ve seen endanger the lives and confidence of child victims across the nation.

Adam Rosenberg
Executive Director
Baltimore Child Abuse Center