Campaign for Baltimore’s Children

You matter kids graphic

BCAC is proud to announce the launch of the Campaign for Baltimore’s Children to boost our annual operating funds by $250,000 in order to ensure that every child who needs help from abuse and trauma is able to get support.

At the core of the campaign is an effort to secure new commitments from a group of dedicated donors known as the Hero Circle. Hero Circle members make five-year pledges to the BCAC Annual Fund in an effort to sustain our work, despite governmental uncertainty, while growing our program in a thoughtful way that supports our strategic vision.

All members of the community, from Baltimore to beyond, are invited to join the Hero Circle. In fact, a leadership gift from you will be transformational. You will help sustain our current operations, institute the needed programs outlined in the Campaign for Baltimore’s Children, inspire other donors to give generously, and create a more secure organization with growing operations.

Having just completed our strategic plan for the next five years, BCAC is poised to move in a direction that helps even more children and families impacted by abuse and trauma by utilizing our nationally-recognized, child-friendly, and trauma-informed approach. We are confident that, with your Hero Circle pledge, we can:

  • Deliver mental health resources to children and families who have suffered from abuse and trauma;
  • Provide answers and solutions for professionals and parents unsure about suspected abuse on a 24-hour basis;
  • Intervene when youth exhibit concerning behavior before they offend, and respond to juveniles who commit sex offenses in order to find out who offended them;
  • Sustain our current operations and responsibly grow them to align with our strategic vision over the next five years.

BCAC has grown tremendously these past 30 years, and in that time our operations have been impacted by changes in City, State, and Federal governments countless times. But, we must continue to move forward in our mission to provide crucial services to children and families who have been impacted by abuse and trauma in Baltimore.

We need heroes like you to realize our full potential. Join the Campaign for Baltimore’s Children today.

Make your pledge online, and be there for children when they need you most. Alternatively, you can download this form and mail it to BCAC Attn: Development, 2300 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218.

Contact Jenny at 443-984-3013 to pledge by phone and if you have any questions.