Job Title: Grants Financial Accountant 

Position Summary: Performs a variety of activities relating to oversight, preparation and analysis of Grant Financial reporting to ensure compliance with fiscal requirements. Prepares monthly journal entries, account reviews and statistical reviews that assist in the preparation of grant reports. Completes the bank reconciliation, general journal entries and financial statements each month for one of the organizations.  Assists with the monthly, quarterly and annual grant filings and any other related grant reports deemed necessary by providing various schedules and analysis to internal accounting staff, independent public accountants, and others authorized to examine. Ensures that financial and programmatic reports are submitted timely according to funder specifications. Works with Finance staff, as needed, to complete and/or compile reports. Assists Finance staff with electronic registration as needed.  Maintains positive relationships with internal customers, various reporting agencies and external accounting and/or consulting firms. Contacts, within or outside the Organization, as an Organization representative in a specialized area of knowledge

Requirements: Basic professional knowledge; equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree; working knowledge of theory and practice within a specialized field. Accounting degree and grant knowledge preferred but not required. Experience of 1-3 years required.

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