Position Title: Homicide Survivor Program Coordinator

Supervisor: Manager of Partnerships and Wellness

Position Summary:

Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC) is committed to helping victims of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The Homicide Survivor Program Coordinator focuses specifically on children in Baltimore City who witness or are affected by homicide. Children who witness homicide suffer from the same effects as those who suffer from firsthand violence and abuse, whether or not the homicide victim is related; among the most common consequences of childhood exposure to violence are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, attachment issues, difficulty concentrating, sleep disorders, suicidal thoughts, alcohol and substance abuse and delinquent behavior. Children are more likely than adults to witness violent crimes and the risk is heightened in low-income and urban communities. Even if children are not present when the crime occurs they can be significantly affected by its aftermath. With the high homicide rate in Baltimore City, there is concern that many children are either witness to or affected by trauma related to homicide.

The Coordinator will oversee the Multidisciplinary Response to Child Survivor of Homicide program (previously known as “Multidisciplinary Response to Child Witnesses to Homicide” program), in which children and families involved in complex homicide cases receive a comprehensive set of trauma-informed services through an evidenced-based multidisciplinary team (MDT) response model. The multidisciplinary response is modeled after the evidenced-based and trauma-informed set of standards developed for children advocacy centers (CACs) and their multidisciplinary teams by the National Children’s Alliance (the “NCA Standards”). A strong and effective MDT approach is fundamental in ensuring high quality investigations, improved services and reduced potential trauma to children and families. The MDT is made up of a group of professionals from different disciplines who work collaboratively and in a coordinated manner to meet the mandates of their respective agencies. One critical role for this position is in coordinating and running the MDT meetings and case reviews. In order to ensure the MDT meeting has the relevant participants, the Coordinator will perform outreach and MDT invitations to organizations that serve youth affected by homicide. It will be critical to continue to develop and maintain relationships with these partner agencies, as well as community organizations, to ensure that there are no gaps in the system and that affected children and families are being reached. This position will entail creative problem-solving, effective partnering, and non-duplicative efforts to combat this complex problem. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, organized, a good communicator and personable, and exude a compassionate and hopeful attitude when engaging partners and community members about reducing the traumatic impact of homicide.

The Coordinator will also maintain a set of protocols and procedures to support the multidisciplinary model and provide and participate in training to enhance the capacity of multidisciplinary team agencies to serve children exposed to homicide. This position will also ensure that the data collection process is on track and that the performance measures are in accordance with Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) requirements.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Effectively manage the Multidisciplinary Response to Child Survivor of Homicide program
  • Coordinate and prepare agendas for regular MTD meetings for Child Survivor of Homicide
  • Facilitate improved and ongoing information sharing among MDT partners and within BCAC
  • Conduct ongoing outreach efforts to partner and community agencies regarding children exposed to homicide
  • Oversee and conduct as needed trainings to partner agencies and community organizations on the identification, recognition and response to children affected by homicide
  • Create policy and procedures for the operation of BCAC’s response to children surviving homicide
  • Assist partners with assessment or screening tools that will enhance their ability to adequately identify children exposed to homicide
  • Facilitate improved and ongoing information sharing among MDT partners and within BCAC
  • Conduct quality assurance and consistent review of MDT data  to identify  any  gaps,  trends,  or  issues that need to be addressed to maximize effectiveness of the collaboration for the child victims served, and ensure accountability to protocols
  • Provide assistance as needed to the direct services programs to reduce the effects of trauma while youth are present at BCAC receiving homicide-related services
  • Ensure regular and effective communication which minimizes duplicative efforts, enhances decision- making, and maximizes the opportunity for children and caregivers affected by homicide to receive the services they need through regular analysis and inventory of BCAC professional and community partnerships
  • Maintain relevant data in Collaborate client management database; generate reports as needed
  • Write and present ongoing programmatic reports to BCAC Management and staff
  • Attend and participate in meetings, trainings and supervision as requested
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Director of Forensic Services and Executive Team
  • Perform all duties with the highest standards of professional ethics, in accordance with BCAC policy, and in compliance with local, state and federal law

Education & Skills Required:

  • Master’s Degree in related field preferred; Bachelor’s Degree plus three (3) years of related experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of child development and trauma
  • Knowledge and experience working in a trauma informed environment preferred
  • Understanding of cultural competency
  • Exceptional presentation, writing, verbal and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of community organizations and outreach efforts
  • Proficient in relevant technology and willing to learn new systems
  • Bilingual English/Spanish helpful but not necessary


  • This position is full-time, and may include some evening work
  • Must have current Maryland driver’s license and car
  • Flexibility, creativity and adaptability required
  • Candidate must successfully pass a background check
  • This is a one-year grant funded position with the opportunity for renewal
  • Equal Opportunity Employer with paid time off, health benefits, and parking provided

To apply: Click this link to fill out an online application.