Child Survivors of Homicide: Understanding Trauma & Building Resilience

In 2017, Baltimore had a record 343 homicides. Often forgotten are the children that are left behind or touched by homicide and the trauma that this event can cause them. This program will explore the experience of a child survivor and the impact that homicide has on them psychologically, behaviorly, and physically. We will also…

Trauma and Addictions in Youth

Trauma and addictions often occur together, but are treated separately. This process limits the integration  of treatment for individuals suffering from both. Youth in urbanized areas experience a higher rate of  trauma and addictions. Something as effortless as walking down the street can expose youth to both  possibilities. In today’s society, it’s imperative for a clinician to be aware of addictions and how to treat  individuals with this co‐occurring disorder. This training will explore these issues and how to address both to encourage healing in youth. (3 CEUs).

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