Working with the Latino Community: Case Studies on Barriers to Access (WEBINAR)

This training will give insight on cultural influences that Latino populations face while living in the United States. A perspective of how Latinos view family, friends, social interactions, religion, and health will be provided for professionals who administer direct services to Latino communities in an effort to increase cultural competency. 1 Category II CEU.

Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Youth

This is a training that will provide information on understanding the LGBTQ population with a focus on youth. General terminology and prevalence of sexual abuse/assault will be discussed as well as how to work with caregivers. The audiences for this workshop are social workers, counselors, psychologists, case managers, medical professionals, and law enforcement.  1 CEU. 

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Impact on Future Health & Social Outcomes

In 1995, CDC researchers discovered 10 common adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including child abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction, that have remarkably been proven to have detrimental effects as children become adults. Participants will gain appreciation of the ACE study and learn how early life experience can impact social and health outcomes in adulthood. 

What About the Children: A Collaborative approach to working with children whose parents are survivors and traffickers

In 2016, there were over 7,500 identified human trafficking cases in the United States with over 5,500 being sex trafficking cases. Of these many cases, how many do you think were children born to those victimized and the traffickers? While these are rough statistics, we know that the actual number is larger than realized. What…

Child Survivors of Homicide: Understanding Trauma & Building Resilience

In 2017, Baltimore had a record 343 homicides. Often forgotten are the children that are left behind or touched by homicide and the trauma that this event can cause them. This program will explore the experience of a child survivor and the impact that homicide has on them psychologically, behaviorly, and physically. We will also…

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