Policy Creation & Audit Services

As an organization (summer camp, school, religious program, or recreational program) that serves children and employs young adults, you must be ready to act in the case of suspected physical, verbal, or sexual abuse – whether it occurs on your campus or within the lives of your children at their home. BCAC’s Policy Audit & Creation Services draws on our thirty years of expertise in the field of child protection and trauma, on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations on “Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth Serving Organizations,” and on the American Camp Association Accreditation Guidelines.

On a practical level, BCAC reads through existing policies and documents, speaks with senior staff and stakeholders, observes program in action, and evaluates if certain essential criteria are present or absent. This information is then entered into a sophisticated policy audit matrix that allows BCAC to evaluate and identify gaps or organization vulnerabilities. We use this information to provide a snapshot of how child protection and response to children in crisis is at every level of operations including: screening and selecting employees, interactions between individuals (staff to child, child to child, and staff to staff), supervision practices, environmental safety, responses to inappropriate behavior and/or allegations or suspicion of abuse.

The result is a comprehensive report highlighting strengths and weaknesses as well as an action plan complete with recommendations for how to strengthen and improve current practices. After the policy audit is complete, BCAC will engage with your organization to craft new, more effective policies, provide real-time scenarios, and train staff. BCAC understands and is sensitive to each program’s unique culture and style of interaction.

Download our Policy Audit Creation PDF for more information or begin your audit today by contacting training@bcaci.org.

Baltimore Child Abuse Center continues to be an outstanding partner in training and consultation for our staff and campers at camp. Each year, we are grateful to the trainers at BCAC who bring an engaging style along with real camp experience to our staff. In training evaluations, our staff rate the BCAC session as one of the highest among those which feature external presenters. In addition to the fantastic training, we have also engaged BCAC in a few consultations regarding potentially sensitive matters at camp. In each situation, they are thoughtful and responsive, and very helpful in providing guidance.” ~Adam Broms, Camp Director at Capital Camps


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